Gain Visibility into the Remaining Useful Life in your Water Main Network
Fracta’s Remaining Useful Life (RUL) assists water utilities in crafting a data-driven long-term Capital Improvement plan (CIP) optimized with respect to budget and service level.

Fracta's Remaining Useful Life Provides the Trajectory of Deterioration in a Pipe Lifespan Using Machine Learning.

With thousands of miles of pipe in your infrastructure, Fracta’s RUL provides data-driven insights into pipes that have or will be reaching the end of their useful life cycle in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years to support sound capital allocation decision-making.
Eliminate Ambiguity in your Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
Use smart A.I. algorithms to paint the picture of the deterioration level in your water main network and prioritize capital allocation accordingly.
Repair to Replacement Ratio
Ensure you are efficiently repairing and replacing water mains at their right time without spending sunk repair costs on pipes that are overdue for replacement.

Use Machine Learning to Make Future Projections on the behavior of Each Pipe Material in Your Water Main Network

Understand the degradation rate of each pipe material in your system to plan future investments accordingly.

Use Machine Learning to Drill Down on The Characteristics of Most Deteriorated Pipes in Your Water Main Network

Understand the remaining useful years left in each pipe, their material type and installation year relative to the rest of the network to optimize on data-driven future capital allocation in your system.

We gather all the environmental data, mix it up with the utility data, run our algorithms to provide the likelihood of failure for each section of the pipe and map it out using the web.

— Takashi Kato, Fracta CEO and Cofounder

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