Automatically Generate Consequence
of Failure Scenarios in your Water Main Network
Understand the financial consequences when a pipe in your network breaks. Dive deep into direct and indirect costs to improve recovery planning operations.

Experience the Most Advanced COF Software for Water Utilities

Understand the financial ramifications for any failure. Easily create, customize, and modify direct and indirect costs for environmental, population, labor, revenue loss events and more.
Rapidly Switch Failure Scenarios on-the-fly
Create unlimited custom COF scenarios for seasonal, environmental, or other events using all of your own data.
Customize All Your Own Costs Factors
Enter in your own localized costs for more than 45 pre-identified variables to break out direct and indirect costs.
Triple Bottom Line Approach
Combine ROI, social, and environmental factors in order to improve your accounting practices and help your local area.

Account For Every Resource, From Materials, To Labor, Within Your Custom Failure Scenarios

Identifying the consequence of failure (COF) for every part of a water network can be difficult without the right tools. Understanding direct and indirect costs allows you to evaluate the financial impact of not just a single pipe break but of all the critical facilities, property damage, customers without water and water loss surrounding the broken pipe.

Environmental Preservation

We have opted for a triple bottom line approach in evaluating economic costs from breaks. One that focuses not just on lost revenue, but on the impact a break event has on the local population and the environment surrounding the area.

Easily Swap Between Failure Scenarios

Prepare your local area for any type of water main failure scenario by creating individual COF models for a variety of different man-made and natural disasters.

We gather all the environmental data, mix it up with the utility data, run our algorithms to provide the likelihood of failure for each section of the pipe and map it out using the web.

— Takashi Kato, Fracta CEO and Cofounder

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