Reduce Overall System Break Rates
300% improvement in prediction accuracy over age based calculations
Improve Your Data Quality Using Reconstructive Tools
Use AI-based data repair tools to fill in gaps where you are missing characteristics of your data infrastructure
Justify Budgets and Capital Improvement Plans
Preserve capital and improve master plans with accurate long-term data
gather — lof

Avoid catastrophic breaks, service interruptions and costly repair projects with Fracta LOF

Leverage machine learning to detect hidden patterns in your data and accurately predict the likelihood of failure for any pipe in your network.
Use insights gained from other similar pipe networks around the world to determine your LOF predictions and outperform standard age based models by 300%.
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understand — cof

Create unlimited COF scenarios with your own custom costs to plan for anything you might encounter

Enter in all your own personalized costs. Benefit from a triple bottom line approach and seamlessly switch between your COF scenarios on the fly.
Our best-in-class COF toolkit can help your team understand critical facility impact, service interruptions and more.
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Analyze— totalrisk

Combine LOF and COF into a financial risk metric and prioritize planning actions

Minimize premature pipe replacements, justify rate increases, and improve your capital improvements program by uncovering hidden financial risk.
TotalRisk helps engineers, water utilities, public works directors and more prioritize capital intensive projects efficiently.
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job planner

Optimize your capital improvement projects and make master planning easy

Prioritize your repair and replacement jobs by grouping troublesome areas together into manageable projects.
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We are anticipating that this technology will guide us in prioritizing the replacement of our water infrastructure that is most vulnerable to failure. In addition, this added information will provide valuable information to Public Works staff as they work to repair water main breaks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Max Slankard, Director of Public Works, Skokie, Illinois

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