Gain Visibility on The Monetized Risk of Failure in Your Network
A comprehensive assessment of the network’s condition and financial implications is the key to reducing risk in any water main system and it is only available through Fracta’s Total Risk approach.

Visualize Your Total Network Risk And Plan Your Capital Allocation Accordingly

Create master plans, forecast budget requirements, optimize capital improvement projects and more by understanding which parts of your network are the costliest to maintain and the riskiest to support.
Determine Repair and Replacement Priorities
Better understand the difference between a break near critical facilities and one out in the middle of a field.
Combine LOF and COF into one useful metric
Connect the dots between the probability of a break and the financial impact with one north star value.
Prepare Budgets, Annual Plans, & Grants
Advanced financial data makes budgeting, annual planning and applying for a grant quick and easy.
Our Platform

Apply a third dimension to your planning by understanding how different parts of your network relate to each other

LOF and COF are used in the Total Risk formula: LOF (%) x COF ($) = Total Risk ($) Fracta calculates a utility’s Total Risk in terms of direct and indirect costs. This approach gives an objective criticality score for the entire water distribution system. This score translates the results into financial terms water engineers, planners and finance professionals use to make decisions about buried water main infrastructure.

Prioritize The Right Way

Apply a third dimension to your planning by understanding how different parts of your network relate to each other. Easily compare different parts of your water network based on the critical facilities impact, level of service interruption, and correlation with other parts of your network downstream.

Create Master Plans and Justify Budgets

Total Risk allows utilities a data-driven approach to creating master plans and justifying repair and replacement budgets. By understanding the difference between critical infrastructure near a hospital and a singular pipe under a field, your team can make better decisions with all the data.

It’s about using ratepayer money most effectively. It’s so costly to replace pipe that we want to make sure we’re replacing the right one.

David Katzev, East Bay Municipal Utility District

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