Data Reconstruction and GIS Services
Impute your GIS or excel missing data or reorganize it with Fracta’s Data Engineers and proprietary technology.

Why Fracta?

Fracta has machine learning algorithms which allow us to rebuild data and often fill in missing data such as materials or installation year automatically for the entire network.
Missing break data? Material data? Installation year data? Fracta can reconstruct missing segments
Standardize your disparate data set from your spreadsheets, paper work orders and other data silos
Transform your spreadsheets of street addresses into spatial data for GIS applications

Fracta’s Data Scientists and GIS Experts for Your Water Utility

We find that many of our water utility customers are initially reluctant to explore data analytics and machine learning solutions because they feel they have poor or incomplete data.

At Fracta, we are data experts, so we have developed tools to clean and even reconstruct data with high quality and much faster than manual GIS work.

For one recent customer, we used 3rd-party data sources to fill in 70% of the pipe installation years. Fracta digitized a water utility in the northeast in just 4 weeks, saving them valuable time and expenditures for outsourced GIS work.

Before and After Data Reconstruction

Yellow Pipes = Unknown, Colored Pipes are Cast Iron or Ductile Iron

Fracta provides qualitative and quantitative data that allows management and board members the ability to predict needed capital contributions for years to come.

— Robert Chandler, General Manager, Guntersville, Alabama

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We would like set up a conversation with our in-house GIS experts and data engineers to understand what are your data problems, and whether Fracta can help get it done better and faster.
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